Mac Fehler Codes (-200 bis -261)

Category: Sound and MIDI

Sound Manager Errors

-200 noHardware Required sound hardware not available [no hardware
        support for the specifiedsynthesizer]
-201 notEnoughHardware Insufficient hardware available [no morechannels
        for the specified synthesizer]
-203 queueFull No room in the queue
-204 resProblem Problem loading the resource
-205 badChannel Channel is corrupt or unusable [invalid channelqueue
-206 badFormat Resource is corrupt or unusable [handle to 'snd'
        resource was invalid]
-207 notEnoughBufferSpace Insufficient memory available
-208 badFileFormat File is corrupt or unusable, or not AIFFor AIFF-C
-209 channel Channel is busy
-210 buffersTooSmall Buffer is too small
-211 channelNotBusy Channel not currently used
-212 noMoreRealTime Not enough CPU time available
-213 badParam A parameter is incorrect
-220 siNoSoundInHardware No sound input hardware available
-221 siBadSoundInDevice Invalid sound input device
-222 siNoBufferSpecified No buffer specified
-223 siInvalidCompression Invalid compression type
-224 siHardDiskTooSlow Hard drive too slow to record
-225 siInvalidSampleRate Invalid sample rate
-226 siInvalidSampleSize Invalid sample size
-227 siDeviceBusyErr Sound input device is busy
-228 siBadDeviceName Invalid device name
-229 siBadRefNum Invalid reference number
-230 siInputDeviceErr Input device hardware failure
-231 siUnknownInfoType Unknown type of information
-232 siUnknownQuality Unknown quality

MIDI Manager Errors

-250 midiNoClientErr no client with that ID found
-251 midiNoPortErr no port with that ID found
-252 midiTooManyPortsErr too many ports already installed inthe system
-253 midiTooManyConsErr too many connections made
-254 midiVConnectErr pending virtual connection created
-255 midiVConnectMade pending virtual connection resolved
-256 midiVConnectRmvd pending virtual connection removed
-257 midiNoConErr no connection exists between specified ports
-258 midiWriteErr couldn't write to all connected ports
-259 midiNameLenErr name supplied is longer than 31 characters
-260 midiDupIDErr duplicate client ID
-261 midiInvalidCmdErr command not supported for port type