Mac Fehler Codes (-100 bis -199)

Category: Allocation, File System, QuickDraw, and Resource

Scrap Manager Errors

-100 noScrapErr No scrap exists error
-102 noTypeErr Format not available [no object of that typein scrap]

Storage Allocator Errors

-108 memFullErr Ran out of memory [not enough room in heap zone]
-109 nilHandleErr GetHandleSize fails on baseText or substitutionText;
        NIL master pointer [handlewas NIL in HandleZone or other]
-110 memAdrErr Address was odd, or out of range
-111 memWZErr Attempted to operate on a free block; GetHandleSizefails
        on baseText or substitutionText[WhichZone failed (applied to free
-112 memPurErr Trying to purge a locked or non-purgeable block
-113 memAZErr Address in zone check failed
-114 memPCErr Pointer Check failed
-115 memBCErr Block Check failed
-116 memSCErr Size Check failed
-117 memLockedErr Trying to move a locked block (MoveHHi)

HFS Errors

-120 dirNFErr Directory not found
-121 tmwdoErr No free WDCB available
-122 badMovErr Move into offspring error
-123 wrgVolTypErr Not an HFS volume [wrong volume type erroror
        (obsolete) operation notsupported for MFS]
-124 volGoneErr Server volume has been disconnected.
-125 updPixMemErr Insufficient memory to update a pixmap
-127 fsDSIntErr Internal file system error

Menu Manager Errors

-126 dsMBarNFnd System error code for MBDF not found
-127 dsHMenuFindErr Couldn't find HMenu's parent in MenuKey
-128 userCanceledErr User canceled an operation

HFS FileID Errors

-130 fidNotFound no file thread exists
-131 fidNotAFile directory specified
-132 fidExists file ID already exists

Color QuickDraw and Color Manager Errors

-147 regionTooBigError Region too big or complex
-148 pixMapTooBigErr Pixel map record is deeper than 1 bit perpixel
        [passed pixelmap is toolarge]
-149 notEnoughStack Not enough stack space for the necessarybuffers
-149 mfStackErr Insufficient stack
-150 cMatchErr Color2Index failed to find an index
-151 cTempMemErr Failed to allocate memory for temporary structures
-152 cNoMemErr Failed to allocate memory for structure
-153 cRangeErr Range error on colorTable request
-154 cProtectErr ColorTable entry protection violation
-155 cDevErr Invalid type of graphics device
-156 cResErr Invalid resolution for MakeITable
-157 cDepthErr Invalid pixel depth
-158 cParmErr Invalid parameter

Resource Manager Errors (other than I/O)

-185 badExtResource Extended resource has a bad format.
-186 CantDecompress Resource bent ("the bends") can't decompressa
        compressed resource
-188 resourceInMemory Resource already in memory
-189 writingPastEnd Writing past end of file
-190 inputOutOfBounds Offset or count out of bounds
-192 resNotFound Resource not found
-193 resFNotFound Resource file not found
-194 addResFailed AddResource failed
-195 addRefFailed AddReference failed
-196 rmvResFailed RmveResource failed
-197 rmvRefFailed RmveReference failed
-198 resAttrErr Attribute inconsistent with operation
-199 mapReadErr Map inconsistent with operation